Sydney Seafood School

I have just arrived back from a weekend in Sydney working at the Sydney Seafood School. I love sharing my passion for cooking and my knowledge of seafood. Yesterdays class was Thai Seafood.

We meet the guests at Chinatown where we take them through an Asian supermarket to talk about Asian ingredients fresh and pantry staples for an Asian kitchen. We then meet back at the School at the Sydney Fish Markets. The guests learnt how to make a red curry paste to put in the red curry of fish, fish cakes, ajat dipping sauce, Thai squid salad and a prawn soup

Today was a Seafood Barbecue class, always popular especially with men, seems to go hand in hand.

You can see the classes for July to October. If you can’t make it to the classes check out the fishline for free recipes.

Go to and click on the fishline tab.

Love to hear from you. If you have any questions on cooking drop me a line.



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  1. Chez says:

    Congratulations Julsz; my tastebuds are tantalised and my mouth is watering, very impressive Blog’ Go girl’.

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